Lib Dems’ nuclear U-turn shows they realise we can’t say ‘no’ to everything | Mark Lynas | Environment |

Excellent move, UK Lib Dems! Now, could you come over and explain your good reasoning to our “liberal” Democrats here in the USA? As my recent ebook Nuclear 2.0 showed, if we try to eliminate nuclear power globally at the same time as rapidly growing energy consumption, we head straight into the territory of catastrophic […]

When Should Nuclear Power Plants Die? – Forbes

Shutting down a nuclear power plant with twenty good years left in its bones is not progressive. I would even suggest that it’s regressive. And why go into decommissioning status when they could sell electricity at about 5-cents a kWhr and fuel costs less than a cent of that? For short-term profits, of course. It’s […]

On Slow Progress and Trust

After a couple weeks that brought some very discouraging news, as well as a lot of “pseudo-news” that had nuclear supporters in full-on FUD-busting* mode, this was a refreshing article to find in my Inbox on Thursday. Nuclear progress is usually a slow-moving process, and often doesn’t seem to go anywhere at all. This is […]