The Breakthrough Institute – Liberals and Progressives for Nuclear

While historically conservatives have been the prominent supporters of nuclear energy, the urgency of climate change has recently compelled liberals and progressives to reconsider nuclear as the best zero-carbon source of baseload electricity for a world with rapidly rising energy demand.

via The Breakthrough Institute – Liberals and Progressives for Nuclear.

That would be me, in a way, although I would never have made Barry Brook’s list. (I’m not “well-known.” In fact, I’m pretty much entirely unknown.) I found Brook’s Brave New Climate blog (see blogroll to the right) just after Fukushima, and decided it was time to really educate myself, rather than making the typical knee-jerk reaction that I see too often on the left.

Recently, with the gentle encouragement of Meredith Angwin of “Yes Vermont Yankee”, I’ve started this very modest pro-nuclear blog. Let me be very clear: I am not a nuclear professional, nor do I have any education in that field. I have simply been reading every article I come across (as well as a few books), and if I have anything substantial to say about it, I may put up a post. At best, I could consider myself a kind of “cheerleader” for nuclear progress.

I have come to realize that we (liberals and progressives) cannot afford to continue sticking our heads in the sand when it comes to the one kind of power generation that is capable of providing ample energy at nearly zero carbon cost. And we cannot go on ignoring the real science behind nuclear power, especially while accusing others of being “anti-science” about issues such as climate change.


  1. Atomikrabbit says:

    Eric – congratulations on your (relatively) new blog.

    Now that you have discovered Charles Barton, you may also want to spend some time at for some background in LFTR technology.

    Do you have a Twitter account?

    • Eric Schmitz says:

      Thanks! I do have a personal Twitter account, but I never use it. I know, I need to get with the program there, and also set up an account to go with this blog.

      I’ll also check out the Thorium blog. I’ve just started reading Hargraves’ book on the subject.

  2. Congrats on discovering Nuclear Green as well.

    I have done a little copy editting for Charles.

    • Eric Schmitz says:

      Thanks, E-P!

      I appreciated your blog post from a couple years back about the IFR. I tried the petition link anyway, but was not surprised to find it was expired. Maybe, now with Ernest Moniz in there at DoE, it would not hurt to start a similar one? I would think that there are more blogs and FB pages two years later that could promote it. Just a thought.

      In a related issue, the IFR was killed about one year after Congress did the same to the Superconducting SuperCollider, a project on which I did some prototyping work at FermiLab back in 1990-92. I would have moved to Texas in a heartbeat to continue on that project, but by summer of 1993, the writing was on the wall — SSC was on a hiring freeze, and the people there were all trying desperately to convince themselves that the funding really would be continued (really, really). Very discouraging and disappointing. Can we not follow through on anything awesome like that anymore?

      Anyway, let me know if you start blogging on nuclear issues again. The more, the merrier!

  3. Great to see, Eric! The number of people to the “left of center” who support nuclear is actually much bigger but they are generally a ‘silent’ minority give the problems of politically correct social behavior infecting most of the Left.

    These activists are slowly coming out of miasma of Green politics to raise a ruckus and being the voice of dissent on places like Huffington Post, the Daily Kos (two nuclear power groups there, one in general and on in support of LFTR), Democratic Underground and various lists like the Green Left Weekly list on Yahoo. The point for progressives is to take what is a pro-working class solution for climate change to the movements for social change, Occupy, the labor unions and civil rights organizations.

    David Walters

    • Eric Schmitz says:

      Yes! Thank you for your comment, David! And for the reference to your own blog, which I will definitely start reading (and will add to my blogroll here).


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